The easiest way to master location service{s}

Multiplatform framework to quickly and easily implement location features with Geofence, iBeacon, NFC, Eddystone and QR-code into Apps and Web


wingu saves time and hassle


wingu got all you need

We want you to deliver the best user experience possible. Utilize location service without writing boilerplate.

  • Configurable settings for Beacon, Geofences, NFC and QR-Codes without App-release

  • Analytics of location enters, dwell time and content interactions in compliance with GDPR

  • wingu provides native SDK for iOS and Android to integrate with your existing app

  • Secure and comprehensive API for easy content creation and content delivery - also in 3rd party applications

  • Full CMS to attach rich content and interactions without any developer knowledge

  • Stability, scalability, security and continuous innovation to be always up to date


Made by developers for developers

wingu enables software developers to implement location services into software applications with an ease.


You get the most out of wingu if you are a Developer, facing the challenge to implement location services in to your app, or a CTO, that needs to save time and hassle in a software project, or an Agency, that needs a great tool to deliver smart location services.

wingu proximity platform

It gives you advanced SDKs for iOS, Android and PHP - including an extensive proximity trigger management solution and a full blown CMS for non-developers.

Advanced SDK for iOS and Android

Implement the power of location services with only a few lines of code. Energy efficient and fully configurable.

Backend platform with ready CMS

Use the wingu CMS to create rich content and interactions or attach 3rd party services.

Proximity Infrastructure as a Service

Pick from Beacons and NFC triggers at more than 160.000 locations indoor and outdoor and use them in your app.


You are in good company